COVID-19: Resources for school closures – 2021

This page contains the guidance from MultiLit on use of its program materials during school closures related to COVID-19, as well as some resources to assist parents and teachers.

Guidance on use of MultiLit program materials online

Our position is that MultiLit program materials may be used online during periods of school closures and recommend the following:

  • Any MultiLit materials or lessons may only be used online via closed networks available to your school. This includes scanning printed materials.
  • Any distribution via public platforms or sharing outside the school (including to other schools in a cluster or network) will constitute a breach of copyright.
  • Delivery of lessons in an online mode should be by teachers or teacher aides and delivered live if at all possible.
  • The online delivery approaches outlined in this advice are to accommodate the current situation as a response to COVID-19. Our recommendation is that when the school operations return to normal that delivery of MultiLit programs should resume on a face-to-face basis as this is the most effective way to deliver our programs.

Suggestions on how to deliver InitiaLit during school closures

Suggestions on how to deliver MultiLit’s intervention programs during school closures

For schools affected by closures and remote learning, we will make available online versions of our student-facing programs materials, such as Sounds and Words Books and Presentation Manuals for InitiaLit, MiniLit, MacqLit, Reading Tutor Program and Word Attack Skills – Extension. Links to these materials will be sent to the MultiLit Member email address of affected schools.

InitiaLit Readers online


Schools can now access all three series of online InitiaLit Readers via a subscription to our eLibrary. The next series of InitiaLit Readers, to be released mid-year, will also be added to the eLibrary when available.

For guidance on how to use the eLibrary in InitiaLit lessons or for home reading during lockdowns, click here.

Explainer videos 

These how-to videos can be shared with parents and carers of students.

Explainer: Phonemes and graphemes (including pronunciation guide)

How to support your child’s reading with InitiaLit Readers (The Sad Cat, Level 2.3)

How to support your child’s reading with InitiaLit Readers (What Did You Say? Level 8.5)

Other resources

These resources may be useful for sharing with parents, as they work with their children at home.

Reinforced Reading video (55 mins)

Reinforced Reading video (abridged version for parents/carers, 14 mins)

Reading With Your Young Child factsheet

Ebooks and audiobooks to support older low-progress readers

Five from Five Parent Webinar: Evidence-based ways to help children with reading

The Five from Five website also has useful information on how to teach reading effectively, as well as parent resources.