COVID-19: Resources for school closures

This page contains the guidance from MultiLit on use of its program materials during school closures related to COVID-19, our webinar recordings, information about product discounts, and some free resources to assist parents and teachers.

Revised guidance on use of MultiLit program materials online (30 March 2020)

Guidance on use of program materials online  (18 March 2020)

Suggestions on how to deliver InitiaLit during school closures (30 March 2020)

Suggestions on how to deliver MultiLit’s intervention programs during school closures (30 March 2020)

Update: We have made available online versions of some of our student-facing program materials, such as InitiaLit Readers, Sounds and Words Books, and Presentation Manuals. The links are available to customers in the program sections of the MultiLit Members’ Area

Update (August 2020): The online versions of our student-facing program materials are now available only to Victorian schools, to assist with the renewed lockdown period. Links to these materials have been sent to the email address associated with your MultiLit membership. If you have not received the links, please contact

InitiaLit Readers online

Online InitiaLit Readers are accessible only by customers who have previously purchased physical copies of the Readers. If you would like to have access to the online Readers (which will be available for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis), you can either purchase a full set or classroom set using our order form. You will be provided with online access details for the Levels you have purchased.

Update (December 2020): As flagged earlier in the year, making the Readers available online was always intended to be a temporary measure. At the onset of the COVID crisis, our priority was to provide access to the Readers to schools and parents as quickly as possible, and we did so using an open platform that does not necessarily offer the user functionality, security in terms of content protection, and scalability that we require on an ongoing basis. The online Readers will therefore be removed at the end of the 2020 school year. However, we are now making an investment to create a more robust subscription-based platform that will meet the needs of our customers. We will keep you updated on the availability of this platform in 2021.

Update (April 2021): Schools can now access all three series of online InitiaLit Readers via a subscription to our eLibrary. The next series of InitiaLit Readers, to be released mid-year, will also be added to the eLibrary when available.

Explainer videos 

These how-to videos can be shared with parents and carers of students.

Explainer: Phonemes and graphemes (including pronunciation guide)

How to support your child’s reading with InitiaLit Readers (The Sad Cat, Level 2.3)

How to support your child’s reading with InitiaLit Readers (What Did You Say? Level 8.5)

Other resources

These resources may be useful for sharing with parents, as they work with their children at home.

Reinforced Reading video (55 mins)

Reinforced Reading video (abridged version for parents/carers, 14 mins)

Reading With Your Young Child factsheet

Ebooks and audiobooks to support older low-progress readers

Five from Five Parent Webinar: Evidence-based ways to help children with reading

The Five from Five website also has useful information on how to teach reading effectively, as well as parent resources.