Simmone Pogorzelski

Product Development Manager, Perth, BA, BPsych, MSpecEd

Simmone completed a Masters of Special Education from Macquarie University, in which her thesis focused on reading disability and phonological processing deficits in older low-progress readers, in 2003. She has a Bachelor of Psychology from Murdoch University in Western Australia.

Simmone first joined the MultiLit team in 2000 as the Executive Clinician of the MultiLit Tutoring Clinic. Since then, Simmone has worked in a variety of training, consultancy and development roles and has been involved in the revision and development of three published literacy programs. Simmone has extensive experience assessing and working with children with reading difficulties. Her interests lie specifically in early intervention, teacher training and Explicit and Direct Instruction.

Based in Perth, WA, Simmone is currently involved in an evaluation trial of MiniLit, a small-group beginning reading program. She is currently completing a PhD at Edith Cowan University (ECU), while also lecturing and tutoring casually with the ECU School of Education.

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