MultiLit Positive Teaching and Learning Initiative

At MultiLit, we place a strong focus on ensuring students are ready to receive instruction. We know that without planning for effective classroom management, student engagement, participation and learning will be negatively impacted. That’s why the Positive Teaching method underpins all of MultiLit’s programs. We are now building on this framework to provide teachers and schools with more support and training on how to facilitate a positive learning environment, and to work effectively with students with behaviours of concern. The MultiLit Positive Teaching & Learning Initiative comprises:
  • A sequence of Professional Development workshops, delivered live and via eLearning, which start with an introduction to the general principles of Positive Teaching and become progressively more specialised, delving deep into behaviour assessment, monitoring and management
  • Downloadable and consumable resources to support your behaviour management initiatives
  • Individualised consulting support packages with our behaviour specialists, Micaela Rafferty and Jill Hellemans

Course sequence

The workshop series aligns with the Response to Intervention framework, and guides teachers through universal, whole-class positive prevention strategies (Tier 1) through to assessment and intervention strategies required for implementation at the Tier 2 and 3 levels. Workshops are available both by eLearning, to access any time, anywhere, and via live session (either on-site at your school or online). Discounts are available for multiple workshop purchases. Each workshop will provide:
  • Evidence-based practices to make the science of behaviour and learning accessible to you
  • Video demonstrations of these strategies in action
  • Practical tools that you can take away and implement immediately
  • Opportunities to actively respond and receive feedback

Who should attend?

  • School leaders and teachers
  • Special educators
  • Learning and support staff
  • School counsellors
  • Allied health clinicians
  • Students who are pursuing a career in a related field

Enquire about MultiLit Positive Teaching and Learning

Contact us to explore how MultiLit Positive Teaching & Learning can help your school create a more positive learning environment for students and improve teacher wellbeing.