100 Word Sample Test

Use the MultiLit 100 Word Sample Test to assist in selecting books at the right level of difficulty for your child or student.

MultiLit Reinforced Reading Diary 

Use the MultiLit Reinforced Reading Diary to keep track of your child’s or student’s reading sessions. Good record keeping makes it easier for more than one person to be involved in the sessions and helps you keep track of progress.

MultiLit Book Levels

The MultiLit Book Levels take away the guesswork and can be used as a guide to align commonly used book series with approximate reading ages and the MultiLit book levels. We have also a list of books at each level for you to choose from.

Nomanis Notes 

Nomanis Notes are written for use by parents, educators and other professionals who work with children.

Reading Test Tools

Click below to go straight to our reading test tools. 

Standard Reading Tests

MultiLit utilises a number of standardised and placements test in the assessment of students. Each test is designed to measure a specific skill required to read effectively.

Reinforced Reading Program

One of the single most important things we can do to help low-progress readers is to hear them read every day, for a little as 15-20 minutes, using a set of tutoring strategies known as Reinforced Reading.
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