Positive Teaching Professional Development Workshop

For effective classroom behaviour management (primary schools)

  • Soundly based on empirical classroom research
  • Specifically developed for primary schools
  • A reliable behaviour management system
  • Increases time spent on-task, facilitating improved academic performance
  • Creates a more positive classroom environment

The Positive Teaching Workshop has been developed to train teachers in the skills and methods necessary for creating a positive learning environment and implementing a clear behaviour management strategy.

Classrooms that lack a clear behaviour management strategy risk losing students before instruction is delivered. The research and skills-based Positive Teaching Workshop ensures that students are ready to receive instruction, focuses on maintaining maximal opportunities to learn and facilitates an effective and positive learning environment.

By using Positive Teaching methods, teachers can build less stressful and more effective teaching and learning environments. The methods are straightforward but for student behaviour to change, teachers must first change their own behaviour. The Positive Teaching Workshop, based on research carried out by Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall AM and Dr Robyn Wheldall of Macquarie University in Australian schools, provides a reliable behaviour management system that is the crucial first step in the delivery of effective instruction.

Most teachers are well aware of the importance of using positive reinforcement strategies in their classrooms to manage student behaviour. Our research indicates, however, that most teacher praise is largely focused on academic performance. Positive Teaching emphasises the importance of contingent praise related to classroom social behaviour which increases the time spent on-task, leading to improved academic performance.


1 Day (6 hours)

What the workshop covers

The Positive Teaching Workshop introduces participants to a comprehensive behaviour management system designed to ensure students are ready to receive instruction, to help teachers to focus on maintaining maximal opportunities to learn and to facilitate an effective and positive learning environment.

The workshop covers:

  • Identifying troublesome classroom behaviours
  • Focusing on appropriate classroom behaviours
  • Setting the classroom context to encourage more appropriate behaviour and increase academic engagement
  • Understanding the importance of contingent praise and appropriate reprimands in improving classroom behaviour.

Supported by research

The Positive Teaching Workshop is based on the extensive research of Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall AM and Dr Robyn Wheldall (Beaman) of Macquarie University and on the earlier research of Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall and Dr Frank Merrett at the Centre for Child Study, University of Birmingham.

Research areas included identifying the most troublesome disruptive classroom behaviour in Australian primary school classrooms, observing primary teachers’ use of approval and disapproval for academic and social behaviour in the classroom, quantifying the effect of classroom seating arrangements on student time spent ‘on task’ and measuring the effect of implementing the strategies of Positive Teaching classroom behaviour management.

This research forms the basis for the classroom behaviour management system presented in the Positive Teaching Workshop.

Who should attend?

  • School leaders
  • Classroom teachers working in primary schools
  • Learning support staff and teacher aides
  • Those in their first five years of teaching may find it particularly beneficial

Available via eLearning modules

MultiLit has now made available the Positive Teaching Workshop via self-paced eLearning modules, for educators to complete in their own time. Covering the same content as the face-to-face workshop, the Positive Teaching eLearning modules comprise four units and a conclusion:

  • Introduction and Unit 1 – Identifying Troublesome Classroom Behaviour
  • Unit 2 – Focusing on Appropriate Classroom Behaviour
  • Unit 3 – Setting the Classroom Context
  • Unit 4 – Enhancing Praise and Reprimands
  • Conclusion – The Charter for Positive Teaching

Each eLearning module includes video demonstrations and practical activities providing participants with opportunities to apply and consolidate their knowledge of the key features of the optimal approach to effective classroom behaviour management. Participants will receive immediate feedback as they work their way through the online training materials.

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Positive Teaching eLearning modules.

Bulk discounts are available when booking in multiple course participants: please contact us to find out more.

Bonus: Complimentary book for all eLearning participants

All registered training participants will receive a complimentary copy of the book Positive Teaching for Australian Primary Schools: Effective classroom behaviour management by Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall AM, Dr Robyn Wheldall and Dr Frank Merrett.

Register now for the Positive Teaching Workshop via eLearning by completing our registration form (item WPTP). Please include your delivery address on your registration form, so the book can be shipped to you. Your log-in for our eLearning platform will be emailed to you, so you can start learning straight away.

“I would recommend the Positive Teaching workshop by eLearning Modules for new
and experienced teachers. The modules outline a comprehensive management
approach to discipline, including step-by-step instruction, quizzes, and tutorial
videos that outline practical strategies for immediate use in the classroom. This
course explores a complete range of techniques based on empirical research
enhancing learning outcomes for all students and assisting educators in
understanding better the factors that influence challenging behaviours."
Maria Kipriotis, Infants' Coordinator
St Spyridon College, NSW


2021 Accredited Program Logo_small

Teacher Quality Institute, ACT

This program has been accredited by TQI in 2021. Attendance provides 5 PD hours for ACT teachers.

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