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MultiLit Member accounts, used for purchasing materials, workshop registrations and accessing additional downloadable resources, are created at the school level. When you are completing the application form below, please use the main email address used by your school for administrative matters. We do not create individual accounts for teachers or other members of staff. You will receive your account information within two business days.

Please note: If you have MultiLit programs and resources in your school, it is likely the school already has an account. We can send you a reminder of your password by clicking the button below. For a school, the email address attached to the account is likely to be the general school administration email, rather than one for an individual teacher.

For a new school account, complete the form below

  • *This will be the school login email. A confirmation of your application will be sent to this email and the email confirming if you have been accepted or not.
  • e.g., Principal
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