Firecracker Books

hi-lo books for older students

Low-progress readers have typically faced some frustration and disappointment in their reading. But regular (preferably daily) reading practice using both fiction and non-fiction texts is vital for these students to develop their skills and confidence.

MultiLit’s new Firecracker Books aim to spark the interest of older students in reading by providing engaging and accessible books at an appropriate level of difficulty.

The Ignite Series of Firecracker Books includes 25 high-interest chapter books with a lower reading level. This first series includes 15 fiction and 10 non-fiction titles.

Firecracker Books are versatile and suitable for independent or teacher-led reading sessions, home reading and as a compatible supplementary resource for MacqLit, the Reading Tutor Program, Word Attack Skills – Extension or other literacy intervention programs. Find out more about how to use Firecracker Books with MacqLit, and view samples of Firecracker Books here.


From classroom capers to hard-to-solve mysteries and the exploits of a boy and his unicorn sidekick, the Ignite Series fiction titles combine relatable stories with appealing illustrations.

Each fiction book includes questions at the end to encourage further discussion and deepen comprehension.


Reading non-fiction texts help to build background knowledge for older low-progress readers, contributing to expanded vocabulary knowledge and improved reading comprehension.

Non-fiction titles in the Ignite Series cover topics such as fascinating animals, incredible inventions, ancient civilisations, crazy plants and extreme sports.

The Ignite Series

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