online platform for InitiaLit Readers

Providing students with access to decodable readers for home reading practice, as well as in the classroom, will help to supercharge their reading progress.

A subscription to the MultiLit eLibrary provides access to the full collection of InitiaLit Readers online, including Series 1 and 2 of Levels 1-9, and Series 1 of Levels 10-16. The second series of InitiaLit Readers Levels 10-16 will also be included in the eLibrary when it is released in mid-2021.

The MultiLit eLibrary has been designed specifically for use for home reading, but can also be used within the school to supplement print copies of InitiaLit Readers.

The eLibrary uses a browser-based platform, so books can be read on desktop computers or mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets).

See table below for the subscription tiers available – both teacher and student users count towards the account total. If your school requires additional accounts during the year, upgrades to the next subscription tier can be made – simply contact us.

Subscriptions are fixed price for the school year. The 2021 subscription will expire on 31 January 2022. All prices include GST.