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Providing students with access to decodable readers for home reading practice, as well as in the classroom, will help to supercharge their reading progress.

A subscription to the MultiLit eLibrary provides access to the full collection of InitiaLit Readers online, including Series 1 and 2 of Levels 1-9, and Series 1 and 2 of Levels 10-16. Subscriptions provide access to 240 digital books.

The MultiLit eLibrary has been designed specifically for use for home reading, but can also be used within the school to supplement print copies of InitiaLit Readers.

The eLibrary uses a browser-based platform, so books can be read on desktop computers or mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets).

See table below for the subscription tiers available. If your school requires additional accounts during the year, upgrades to the next subscription tier can be made – simply contact us.

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