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Your partner in literacy

As your partner in literacy, MultiLit is here to ensure you have everything you need to effectively deliver our proven, evidence-based programs and achieve great results in your schools.

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MultiLit experts are often called upon by the media to provide perspectives on education policy, literacy and behaviour – check out where we have been seen recently.


MultiLit Moments

Our newsletter, featuring our latest research, stories from schools using MultiLit programs, and new product and professional development offerings, is published three times a year. To join the mailing list, contact us.

MultiLit Moments May 2022

In this edition, MultiLit Literacy Centres reignite a love of learning, 21 schools join our Closing the Gap iniitiative, and introducing our new Bookshop, range of picture books and assessment tool.

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MultiLit Moments November 2021

Read about MultiLit’s partnership with the Australian Government under the Closing the Gap Initiative, the recent launch of MiniLit Sage, and more in this new double issue of MultiLit Moments.

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Reading | Teaching | Learning | Connecting

Nomanis, published twice a year, explores the ideas and evidence about effective instruction in reading and related skills, for teachers, parents, fellow professionals and policy makers. Our aim is to provide readable and engaging accounts of developments in the teaching of reading and writing, distilled from the sometimes rather esoteric, and certainly dry, research literature. Subscriptions are free, and we welcome contributions and correspondence.

Nomanis Notes

Nomanis Notes is a series of single page briefings on educational topics likely to be of interest to parents, teachers and other professionals, with particular reference to learning difficulties. Our aim is to succinctly summarise the state of knowledge on the topic, offer a considered opinion, and to provide starter references for those wishing to find out more.