Providing effective literacy instruction grounded in scientific evidence-based practice

About MultiLit

MultiLit Pty Ltd (Making Up Lost Time In Literacy) is a leading provider of effective literacy instruction in Australasia. Our programs are uniquely placed to be effective because they are all grounded in scientific evidence-based best practice. For over two decades, we have provided assistance to thousands of students in a variety of settings, including schools, our own Literacy Centres and community-based literacy projects across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Our Approach

MultiLit’s approach to improving the literacy skills of struggling students is to combine research and theory with program development and service delivery. The approach we take is non-categorical, which means that we do not focus on the underlying causes or reasons why a child may have failed to make progress in reading. Those labels have not been found to be useful in determining how a child can best be helped to learn. 

Our Research

As a result of being a research initiative of Macquarie University, MultiLit’s publications, professional development and Literacy Centre are continually informed by an ongoing program of research.