InitiaLit is coming!

Designed to provide effective initial instruction in reading and related skills, the new InitiaLit Program, providing whole class initial instruction in literacy, is currently in development. The first phase of development, InitiaLit – Foundation will be released in Term 4, 2017. InitiaLit-Year 1 and InitiaLit-Year 2 will follow in subsequent years.

INITIALIT Sounds and Words_Cover

The InitiaLit Foundation Program incorporates the key components necessary for early reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. The Program teaches the alphabetic code through structured, explicit and systematic lessons, which will provide all children with essential foundational knowledge to become successful readers and writers.

What is in the Program?

  • 115 detailed and scripted lessons to be delivered to the whole class for 20-30 minutes to teach the alphabetic code
  • Flashcards, Picture Cards, Templates and other downloadable resources necessary for the delivery of a full lesson
  • MS PowerPoint lessons to accompany the script for ease of delivery
  • Sounds and Words Books and carefully constructed written activities to facilitate group and independent work during the literacy block
  • A set of decodable readers comprising 60 titles to be used during group reading
  • Testing and monitoring procedures to assist with the identification of children who may need extra assistance
  • Storybook Lessons based on 25 popular storybooks to develop and enhance vocabulary and oral language as well as encourage a love of literature
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