Media Publicity in 2020

News media

Direct quotes

Jennifer Buckingham on online learning:

Hunter, F. (2020, April 30). Students doing online learning will fall behind peers in other states. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Jennifer Buckingham on the phonics check:

Urban, R. (2020, March 7). Schools like the sound of phonics checks. The Australian, 10.

Jennifer Buckingham’s rejoinder blog post article to Jeffrey Bowers:

Bowers, J. (2020, February 12). Responding to Buckingham’s post. Jeff Bowers

Jennifer Buckingham and Premier’s Reading Challenge:

Harris, C. (2020, February 8). Green light for audiobooks in Premier’s Reading Challenge. The Daily Telegraph

Jennifer Buckingham and phonics:

Bolton, R. (2020, February 4). Rapid rise in public school funding fails to lift results. The Australian Financial Review, 8.

Other media mentions

Jennifer Buckingham and AITSL panel:

Bolton, R. (2020, January 20). War of words erupts over how to teach literacy. The Australian Financial Review, 11.

Media appearances

Jennifer Buckingham on home schooling (TV interview, Channel 7):

2020, March 25. Sunrise.

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