Meet our Team: Monica Wright

Monica Wright

General Manager – Queensland

Monica Wright joined MultiLit in April of 2022, as General Manager – Queensland.

Monica’s early career as a psychologist, working in special schools as both a behaviour and family therapist, gave her a firsthand look at the dedicated work of teachers and the joy they experienced in teaching students the keys to literacy. Inspired by the commitment and passion she saw, and the impact her own dedicated teachers had on her life, Monica retrained and embarked on her own journey in education.

Following her years working within Queensland’s public school sector, Monica now leads the MultiLit Brisbane Centre where the Fortitude Valley Literacy Centre and members of our research, school partnerships, and product development teams are based.

Get to know Monica below.


When did you know that a career in education was the right move for you?

From the moment I stepped into a classroom, I felt a deep connection with students and a genuine love for teaching. The ability to be creative and find that sweet spot of learning for each student, and to witness the spark of curiosity and the door to lifelong learning being opened, was incredibly inspiring. Education ignited my imagination and fuelled my desire to make a positive difference in the lives of students.

Knowing the transformative power that education can have, and having experienced it myself, I am driven to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences that empower students to reach their full potential. It is a privilege to be able to contribute to their educational journey and inspire their imagination just as my teachers once did for me.

Before joining MulitLit, I had the privilege of working within Queensland’s public school sector. As a dedicated classroom teacher, literacy coach, and , I have always sought to make a positive impact. My journey has focused on embedding inclusive education, implementing instructional coaching, and promoting evidence-based teaching practices. I have particularly dedicated myself to guiding educators in the shift from whole language approaches to embracing the science of reading.

My background as an applied behaviour therapist and learning behavioural psychologist equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of behaviour, child development, education, learning, and mental health. It further enhances my ability to support students’ and educators’ educational journeys.

What keeps you busy as MultiLit’s General Manager for Queensland?

My role involves providing leadership for our team who work together to ensure the successful operation of the Brisbane Centre, which is both a base for our Queensland team and home to the Fortitude Valley Literacy Centre. I also collaborate with other internal teams including the MultiLit Research Unit, School Partnerships, Product Development and Literacy Centres.

I contribute to product development, assist in the setting up and running of field trials and support schools in implementing evidence-based instructional practices. I actively engage in influential forums, establish partnerships, and prioritise the pedagogical integrity of our programs.

Additionally, I travel extensively across regional Queensland to advocate for our programs, provide expert knowledge in educational fundamentals, and promote the adoption of MultiLit programs through various platforms such as conferences, forums, webinars and professional development workshops. It’s an exciting and fulfilling role that allows me to make a real impact in the educational landscape.

What impact are you hoping for, or already seeing, from the MultiLit Brisbane Centre?

We proudly opened the new Brisbane Centre (and with it the Fortitude Valley Learning Centre) in September 2022, solidifying our commitment to supporting Queensland schools and learners. This expansion has allowed us to further enhance our engagement with schools, ensuring that our programs and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of Queensland students.

The adoption of our InitiaLit program in Queensland schools has been steadily gaining momentum, yielding remarkable results. As the new curriculum emphasises systematic synthetic phonics and the use of decodable texts, educators are increasingly turning to MultiLit for reliable support and guidance. We take pride in being the trusted resource for schools seeking research-led programs that deliver tangible outcomes.

The establishment of our Brisbane Centre aligns perfectly with the growing student population and the escalating demand for evidence-based interventions. With our dedicated Queensland team, we are actively driving program development, conducting research and trials, and fostering innovation to meet the evolving needs of schools across Australia. We are thrilled to have eight Queensland schools participating in research trials to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs. Together, we have the power to make a profound and lasting impact.

What does it mean to you to provide local support for Queensland schools and families?

The Fortitude Valley Literacy Centre is invaluable for Queensland schools and families. By understanding the local context, curriculum requirements, and challenges students face, the Centre can offer targeted interventions and strategies that are relevant and effective. This tailored support enhances the overall impact on literacy outcomes.

The presence of the Fortitude Valley Literacy Centre has encouraged collaboration among schools, educators, and families. It is a hub where knowledge is shared, best practices are exchanged, and partnerships are formed. This collaborative approach strengthens collective efforts to improve literacy outcomes and creates a supportive network for all stakeholders.

Providing local support through the Fortitude Valley Literacy Centre means having the opportunity to impact the literacy journey of Queensland schools and families directly and meaningfully. It entails being a trusted resource, a reliable expert, and a dedicated partner in their pursuit of enhancing literacy outcomes and this collaboration is a true privilege.

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about literacy?

One thing I wish more people knew about literacy is that it is not just a basic skill but a fundamental building block for success in all areas of life. Literacy goes beyond reading and writing; it empowers individuals to communicate effectively, think critically, and engage actively in society. It is the gateway to accessing knowledge, opportunities, and personal growth. By recognising the significance of literacy and investing in its development, we can create a more inclusive and equitable world for everyone.

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