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MRU Press is MultiLit’s academic imprint

About MRU Press

Members of the MultiLit Research Unit (MRU), together with academic colleagues, are proud to publish rigorously researched books by respected academics that support development and sharing of knowledge in the fields of reading, the science of learning, and literacy.

Publications for educators and professionals

MRU Press publications are useful to educators, educational psychologists and other allied health professionals wanting to engage with the latest research and dive deeper into evidence-based approaches to literacy and behaviour management to help inform their practice.

Where to purchase MRU Press publications

Textbooks and publications are available for personal purchase through The Bookshop, by MultiLit through our Academic books section here.

Schools wishing to purchase copies can log in to the Members’ Area here.

Publishing with MRU Press

MRU Press welcomes enquiries from academics and authors seeking to publish their work. Please contact the MRU with more information, and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your project further.

Releases from MRU Press

Effective Instruction in Reading and Spelling

Edited by Kevin Wheldall, Robyn Wheldall and Jennifer Buckingham

This textbook is an accessible, up-to-date guide to evidence-informed practices in teaching reading and spelling, grounded firmly in the Science of Reading and its application in classrooms.

It is ideal for use in initial teacher education degrees (ITE) and other higher education courses for primary school teachers. It is also a practical yet scholarly reference book for any teacher of reading.

The book covers theories of reading, the scientific evidence base on how children learn to read, the Five Big Ideas of reading, reading-related skills, intervention and assessment, with chapters written by respected Australian and international experts.

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Developing Spelling Skills Across the Age Range: An introduction

By Peter Westwood

For too long, the explicit teaching of spelling was neglected.

In this clear and concise text, author and educator Peter Westwood steps through the skills required to be an accurate speller, and how teachers can impart these skills to students of all ages – from those in the preschool years right through to adults, with an emphasis on explicit teaching strategies.

The book also includes useful print and online resources, making it a practical addition to the bookshelf of any teacher looking to improve their students’ spelling.

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Recent Psychological Perspectives on Reading and Spelling Instruction

Edited by Kevin Wheldall and Nicola Bell

While concerns regarding the poor reading progress made by too large a minority of children feature with monotonous regularity in both popular and professional critiques of contemporary schooling, we are perhaps in danger of underestimating the significant progress that has been made by reading scientists. Much of this progress in reading research and theory, however, has yet to filter through to the work of teachers in classrooms.

The focus of this book is on this recent research and its implications for teachers, educational psychologists and others working in schools.

This book brings together nine essays written by leading experts in the field: Kate Nation, Kathleen Rastle, Jennifer Buckingham, Rhona Stainthorp, Jonathan E. Solity, Kerry Hempenstall, Linda S. Siegel, Kevin Wheldall, Robyn Wheldall and Peter Westwood.

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Through the academic imprint, MRU Press, members of the MRU, together with academic colleagues, are proud to publish rigorously researched books by respected academics that support development and sharing of knowledge in the fields of reading.

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