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MultiLit offers a consultancy service to schools who wish to train a number of people together on the MultiLit Reading Tutor Program or who would like specific help in the implementation of the program. This is often a cost-effective way of receiving MultiLit training.

Some schools have been using MultiLit for a while, but would find it useful for further input and evaluation about how it is going. We are committed to helping schools get the most out of the program and are very happy to work with you in whatever way we can.   

The convenience of receiving training at your school on a day that suits you, as well as the opportunity to have aspects of the training specifically suited to your circumstances makes this an attractive option. Much as we would like to offer professional development workshops in all parts of Australia, this is sometimes not an option due to practical constraints. A consultancy might well mean that MultiLit training can be offered in areas outside the capital cities.       

 If a school or a cluster of schools would like to explore this option further, MultiLit would love to hear from you. Please contact us.

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