MUSEC Briefings

MUSEC Briefings are provided as a community service to inform educators and other professionals about the evidence base for a variety of educational practices, some of which may be regarded as controversial. They are published by Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC). These Briefings are available on the MUSEC web site:

The following briefings were written by members of MRU:

  • Issue 40: Is it a scam?
  • Issue 39: What is direct instruction?
  • Issue 33: Behavioural Optometry
  • Issue 30: Learning Styles
  • Issue 25: Strategic Use of Classroom Seating
  • Issue 24: Specific and Contingent Teacher Praise
  • Issue 23: The Listening Program®
  • Issue 21: Choosing Effective Programs for Low-Progress Readers
  • Issue 18: Explicit Instruction for Students with Special Learning Needs
  • Issue 17: Response to Intervention
  • Issue 13: Book Levelling
  • Issue 11: Dore/DDAT Exercise Program
  • Issue 6: Knowing what works
  • Issue 5: BrainGym®
  • Issue 4: Curriculum-Based Measurement of Reading
  • Issue 3: Reading Recovery for Young Struggling Readers