New webinar on teaching for positive behaviour change

Webinar with Jill Hellemans and Micaela Rafferty, 4:00pm-5:15pm AEST, 26 July 2022

Managing challenging behaviour remains one of the biggest struggles for teachers and is a barrier to student learning and engagement. When teachers aren’t supported with knowledge of function-based approaches, we can end up with ineffective plans, reactive schools and burnt-out teachers.  Often the most well-meaning plans fail to explicitly teach replacement behaviour.

To be truly proactive, we need to invest time in teaching. We can teach our way towards learner engagement and away from crisis. To reclaim learning, our approach must focus on teaching alternative, safer and meaningful behaviours to all students.

Join us as we talk about how you can create learning environments that build successful, motivated learners and, in turn, build successful and motivated teachers. We need to reframe how we think about behaviour, so that our purposeful intent remains on teaching and learning. MultiLit’s Positive Teaching and Learning workshops aim to equip teachers and whole schools with evidence-based tools to teach and learn their way towards positive behaviour change.

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