Dr Alison Madelaine

Clinical Director, MultiLit Literacy Centres and Senior Research Fellow, MultiLit Research Unit BA Dip Ed (Primary) Grad Dip Spec Ed PhD

Dr Alison Madelaine is Senior Research Fellow (MRU), and Clinical Director of MultiLit Literacy Centres.

Alison has extensive knowledge in reading development, instruction and assessment. She completed her doctorate on curriculum-based measurement of reading (a measure of oral reading fluency) and was a lecturer in special education with a focus on literacy at Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC).

Alison is an experienced special educator, having taught in schools in Australia and the USA, and has provided extensive consultancy support to literacy programs for disadvantaged and Indigenous students in Cape York and Sydney.

Alison oversees the clinical programs of all students attending our MultiLit Literacy Centres and works with the Product Development team on spelling and writing programs.

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