Sarah Arakelian (McMurtry)

Manager of the MultiLit Research Unit, BA - Psych (Hons), PC-RSPRP; HUS

Sarah has managed a variety of projects in her time at MultiLit, including research projects in various areas of literacy and outreach projects. She has a background in psychology and has been involved in various research studies at several universities, predominantly involving children. Prior to her current role, Sarah managed the re-establishment of literacy programs serving disadvantaged youth in Sydney and coordinated trials driven by the MultiLit Research Unit in this and other areas.

She recently completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Research Preparation during which she conducted a trial on early literacy skills with preschool children. She has subsequently been involved in several research projects on early literacy skills with Kindergarten children and trials with older low-progress readers and assisted with community programs involving low-progress readers from disadvantaged and Indigenous backgrounds. She has also recently taken on the role of editorial assistant with the Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties.