Professor Kevin Wheldall Inducted into the Innovators' Hall of Fame

Brendan Nelson, Member of Parliament (left) was amongst those who congratulated Professor Wheldall (centre) on his monumental achievement

Researchers in laser technology took out many of the top prizes at the 5th Annual Macquarie University Innovation Awards, but the most coveted award was won by a literacy expert in recognition of a lifetime of improving educational outcomes for children with learning difficulties.

Professor Kevin Wheldall’s sustained contribution to improving literacy in children with learning difficulties has won him a coveted place in the Macquarie Innovators’ Hall of Fame.

Professor Wheldall’s induction into the Innovators’ Hall of Fame – the first to occur in three years – was based on the success of his Making Up Lost Time In Literacy (MultiLit) initiative, developed in 1995.

“For more than a decade, Kevin and his team have been helping children who have struggled to learn to read,” explained Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Steven Schwartz. “Without MultiLit’s intervention, many of them would have fallen by the wayside. In particular, whole communities – such as remote Indigenous townships in Cape York – will benefit from Kevin’s knowledge and passion for generations to come. I cannot think of a more deserving recipient of this honour.”

The Other 2009 Innovation Award Winning Initiatives were:

  • INNOVATION IN SERVICES: Distributor – a paperless document distribution system
  • INNOVATION IN LEARNING AND TEACHING: TermFinder – Jargonbusting and concept building, an online learning tool for beginners in science and social science
  • INNOVATION IN RESEARCH: Quantum informatics on a chip
  • INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIP: Understanding conflict of interest in the public sector
  • INNOVATION TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY: Environmental risk and sustainability in the energy and resource industries
  • COMMERCIAL INNOVATION: Commercialising innovations in enzyme development and production through Applimex Systems
  • INVENTION DISCLOSURE: Diamond laser system for precision ultra low collateral damage ablative surgery
  • RESEARCH STUDENTS’ INNOVATION: Highly functional and robust, monolithic fibre laser systems.

The 2009 winners each received a unique bronze sculpture by renowned sculptor Linda Klarfeld and a cash prize.

The 2009 Macquarie University Innovation Awards were presented as part of the 2009 Australian Innovation Festival.

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