Workshop 1.1 Positive Teaching for Effective Classroom Behaviour Management

Positive Teaching for Effective Classroom Behaviour Management introduces participants to Tier 1 classroom management strategies designed to ensure students are ready to receive instruction, to help teachers to focus on maintaining maximal opportunities to learn and to facilitate an effective and positive learning environment.

Workshop 2.1 Foundations of Behaviour and Function-based Thinking

This workshop covers the science and systems supporting a function-based approach to positive behaviour change. It provides an introduction to the ABC model and the functions of behaviour and discusses how the functional thinking model can be adopted to improve how we support individuals engaging in challenging behaviour.

Workshop 2.2 Functional Behaviour Assessment

Functional Behaviour Assessment This workshop builds on the concepts and principles covered in the Foundations module and prepares teachers to conduct the initial stages of a school-based functional behaviour assessment.  The functions of behaviour are explored further, including how behaviour can be under the control of multiple consequences.Assessing antecedents, looking closely at both immediate triggers…

Workshop 2.3 Measurement of Behaviour

Measurement of Behaviour This workshop delves further into the assessment of behaviour by taking an in-depth look at the measurable dimensions of behaviour and the data collection techniques associated with these.Participants will learn how to collect data using specially designed video footage and data sheets to measure a student’s behaviour at baseline as well as…

Workshop 3.1 Replacement Behaviour and Motivation Strategies

Replacement Behaviour and Motivation Strategies This workshop helps participants identify appropriate and functionally-related replacement behaviour to teach their students engaging in challenging behaviour.Participants will learn how to identify and select appropriate skills based on the student’s behavioural profile such as assessing skill and performance deficits. The effective use of reinforcement to increase skills and strategies…

Workshop 3.2 Reinforcement Systems and Teaching Strategies

Reinforcement Systems and Teaching Strategies This workshop develops the participant’s ability to identify a student’s preferences and design and implement individualised reinforcement systems to support positive behaviour change.Participants will learn about the correct implementation of classroom-based reinforcement systems such as token economies, group contingencies and self-management plans.Effective and evidence-based teaching strategies including Behaviour Skills Training…

MiniLit Sage Bridging Workshop

This is a bridging PD workshop (offered via eLearning modules) to provide educators who have previously completed the MiniLit PD Workshop with important information about MiniLit Sage, how it is different from the original MiniLit program, and keys to a successful MiniLit Sage implementation. Completing this bridging workshop satisfies the training requirement for a first-time purchase of MiniLit Sage.

Reading Tutor Program PD by eLearning

A professional development training workshop delivered via eight self-paced eLearning modules, covering the structure and practical implementation of the Reading Tutor Program, a one-to-one reading program for struggling readers from Year 2 to adulthood.

MiniLit PD by eLearning

MiniLit PD by eLearning provides self-paced professional development in the effective implementation and delivery of MiniLit, a literacy intervention program for low-progress readers in Years 1 and 2.

Foundations, Assessment and Measurement of Behaviour Learning Series

Positive Teaching and Learning: Learning Series 2 This series of self-paced eLearning modules gives participants a deep understanding of a function-based approach to behaviour change and the training and tools necessary to implement a school-based functional behaviour assessment.Participants will learn how to think functionally about behaviour, and support their thinking with carefully designed measurement systems.…

Motivation and Teaching Strategies Learning Series

Positive Teaching and Learning: Learning Series 3 This series provides participants with practical strategies to identify and teach appropriate replacement behaviour to students with challenging behaviour. Participants will learn specific behavioural teaching strategies to teach functional communication skills, social skills and other adaptive skills to students who require Tier 2 and Tier 3 level supports.…

Teaching for Positive Behaviour Change pathway

Positive Teaching and Learning pathway This combination of eLearning modules provides participants with a consistent approach to the way in which they think and talk about behaviour, across all the tiers of a Response to Intervention approach, and an introduction to a school-wide function-based approach to positive behaviour support.Participants then apply these foundational concepts of…