Expand your library of InitiaLit Readers with our new series

parallel series of InitiaLit Readers Levels 1-9 now available

MultiLit has launched a long-awaited parallel series of InitiaLit Readers Levels 1-9. Ideal for students in their first year of school, these books are designed to be used alongside the InitiaLit–Foundation program, for home reading, or with other synthetic phonics programs to give students additional practice as their decoding skills develop.

InitiaLit Readers Levels 1-9 Series 2 includes 60 decodable books following the InitiaLit sequence of sounds. The series has both fiction and non-fiction titles, with colourful and charming illustrations to engage and entertain children as they learn to read.

As in Series 1, the first book in every level is a Shared Reader, in which the teacher (or parent) and child read alternate pages. This allows the teacher to model fluent and expressive reading to students, and for the books to contain more complex vocabulary and sentence structure for greater interest.

Each book also includes the ‘Ready, Set, Go’ structure, providing prompts to set the scene for reading, and preview target sounds and words, vocabulary and punctuation, as well as comprehension questions after the story to check for understanding and encourage discussion. A range of related decodable words can also be practised in the ‘Extra laps’ section.

InitiaLit Readers Levels 1-9 are available for purchase as classroom sets (6 copies per title, perfect for group reading), full sets (1 copy of each title), in level bundles and individually.

Orders are now open for prompt delivery: find out more and order via our InitiaLit Readers order form. For more information, please contact emily.garlan@multilit.com

Skills sequence and titles

Level 1: m s t a p i f r
  • 1.1 Pam (Shared)
  • 1.2 The Pit
  • 1.3 Tip
  • 1.4 Sam and Tim
  • 1.5 Mim's Rap
Level 2: o c d h
  • 2.1 Hot! (Shared)
  • 2.2 Is It A Hat?
  • 2.3 My Cat
  • 2.4 The Dim Sim
  • 2.5 The Cap
Level 3: e n g l
  • 3.1 Lop (Shared)
  • 3.2 My Pen
  • 3.3 Len
  • 3.4 The Red Dog
  • 3.5 Get That Hat!
Level 4: k u b j
  • 4.1 The Hut (Shared)
  • 4.2 My Pet Bug
  • 4.3 Nan's Bag
  • 4.4 Mud is Fun!
  • 4.5 Ten in Bed
Level 5: w ck ll ff ss
  • 5.1a The Web (Shared)
  • 5.1b The Wig
  • 5.2a Jack and Meg
  • 5.2b The Big Red Truck
  • 5.3a The Top of the Hill
  • 5.3b The Mess
Level 6: sh qu ee z/zz
  • 6.1a At the Shops (Shared)
  • 6.1b Tash and Nick's Shop
  • 6.2a Quick, Quick!
  • 6.2b I Will Not Quit
  • 6.3a The Queen and Her Cat
  • 6.3b Eek!
  • 6.4a Zip!
  • 6.4b Jazz the Sheep Dog
Level 7: ch v x y
  • 7.1a The Hen and Her Chicks (Shared)
  • 7.1b That's Not My Lunch!
  • 7.2a The Vet Is Sick
  • 7.2b Viv's Van
  • 7.3a I Can Fix That
  • 7.3b What's In the Box?
  • 7.4a Not Yet!
  • 7.4b Have You Seen a Yak?
Level 8: wh th oo ng ay
  • 8.1a Wheels (Shared)
  • 8.1b What Can You See?
  • 8.2a Thud!
  • 8.2b The Thick Book
  • 8.3a Zoom to the Moon
  • 8.3b Zoo School
  • 8.4a The Sad King
  • 8.4b Wings
  • 8.5a Jay and Nan
  • 8.5b Stay, Jem, Stay
Level 9: CVCC CCVC
  • 9.1 Frogs (Shared)
  • 9.2 Matt and The Fish
  • 9.3 The Six Little Ducks
  • 9.4 My Brother, The Pest
  • 9.5 Miss Black's Hat
  • 9.6 Lost Ted
  • 9.7 Stop That Chimp!
  • 9.8 Skip the Kitten