Early literacy preparation program

PreLit is a systematic, skills-based program that lays a sound foundation for children to learn to read. It provides early childhood teachers with the tools necessary to teach pre-literacy skills and concepts in a fun and engaging way, focusing on phonological awareness and oral language development through structured storybook reading.

Who is it for?

  • Preschool children in the year before formal schooling begins
  • Children in the Foundation year without sufficient pre-literacy skills


PreLit can be taught to a whole class, small groups or individually, by preschool teachers and child care centre staff, teachers and parents. It is designed to be delivered three times a week.

Key benefits

  • Evidence-based, best practice program which is appropriate for all children regardless of skill level
  • Highly cost-effective small group or whole class instruction program, with low ongoing operating costs
  • Easy to adopt in an early childhood or school setting

I have been so impressed with how easy the PreLit program is to use! I really appreciate the explicit teaching elements and the repetition of tricky activities. I am amazed at the skill level and sound knowledge I now see in the class. I can’t recommend this program highly enough to any preschool educator who wants to increase children’s knowledge, skills and interest in reading.

Program content

The program is systematic, skills-based and taught in a hierarchical sequence, and designed to complement a play-based learning environment. There are 108 short, clearly prescribed lessons that incorporate different types of phonological awareness activities and oral blending and segmentation activities.

Various activities are presented in a game format and lessons are cumulative with children progressing through the program at their pace and developmental level. Each activity is 15-20 minutes.

The PreLit Kit includes the following components:

  • Teacher manual
  • Lessons book
  • Sound snap presentation book
  • Letter cards
  • Alphabet picture cards
  • Picture cards
  • Shared story book reading cards based on 36 well-known children’s storybooks

Pre Lit Professional Development Workshop

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