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The Wheldall Assessment of Reading Lists (WARL) is a quick and simple measure of reading performance, designed to identify younger low-progress readers and for monitoring reading progress. Designed to assess the reading of students in Years 1 and 2, it is suitable for use by classroom teachers, learning support teachers and other school personnel involved in literacy instruction.

The WARL provides a set of 100-word lists, each of which include a selection of the most frequently occurring words, which students read for just one minute. The number of words read correctly provides a measure of the student’s level of oral reading fluency, and the benchmarks provided allow for the easy identification of the bottom 25% of students. As a fast and simple measure to administer, the lists can then be utilised on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to monitor the performance of individual low-progress readers.

Customers purchasing InitiaLit–1 and MiniLit Sage (for the first time) will receive a free copy of the WARL with their Kit.

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Please note: To get the most out of this program, we strongly recommend you also register for a Measuring Reading Progress Professional Development (PD) Workshop.

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