Response to the draft Australian Curriculum for English

The release of the draft Australian Curriculum has generated much discussion in education circles.
Iain Rothwell, Managing Director, has provided a response on behalf of MultiLit:
“Recently the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) released its draft proposal on possible changes to the Australian Curriculum for public consultation. These changes included the English curriculum for schools which encompasses literacy instruction.
“MultiLit is committed to an evidence-based practice in education, particularly for literacy instruction. There is a substantial and robust body of research on the science of reading that provides clear guidance on the best way to equip students with strong literacy foundations needed for future educational attainment. It is therefore disappointing to see that the draft Australian Curriculum continues to include methods such as the use of predictable texts and the discredited ‘three-cueing method’ of reading, which are inconsistent with what scientific evidence has shown to be effective.
“MultiLit joins with many leading educators and literacy expert groups in calling on ACARA to ensure that the new Australian Curriculum, in relation to literacy, only includes methods of instruction supported by evidence.
“Review of the Australian English Curriculum is a critical step for ACARA. By ensuring evidence-based instruction is required, ACARA will create the best opportunity to ensure all children learn to read.”
If you would like to take further action on this issue, we encourage you to consider becoming a signatory to an open letter to ACARA by Professor Max Coltheart, Convenor, Developmental Disorders of Language and Literacy network. The letter can be found here:
To add your name, please email [email protected] by 3pm (AEST) Friday 7 May 2021.
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