St Cuthbert’s committed to success with InitiaLit

In this article from Catholic Education Tasmania, St Cuthbert’s Principal Marcus Donnelly discusses the impact of their Insight program with its focus on the Science of Learning.

Mr Donnelly said that St Cuthbert’s reviewed their student data and results seven years ago and decided to try new approaches to achieve the best possible outcomes for their students. The school began exploring the CET programs that offered explicit, direct instruction and evidence-based practices.


A key part of this program was the decision to implement InitiaLit for students in Prep to Grade 2, providing an evidence-based and whole-class program which develops foundations for students to become successful readers and writers as part of their Insight program with a focus on the Science of Learning.

“We started seeing results with all students, even those that had been slipping through the cracks. We realised that if we do the right things at the right time that it can be transformational for these kids. Once they are literate and numerate this gives them access to learning throughout their whole life,” Mr Donnelly said.

Read the full article here.

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