Step by step

Aligned to the most current available research, and tried and tested in real school contexts, MultiLit’s comprehensive suite of programs ensures a consistent, school-wide approach to early literacy instruction and intervention, to support children at every step of their reading journey.

Complementary programs provide teachers with the necessary tools to ensure reading success across the grades.

school-wide literacy

Support at every age

As schools move away from methodologies which do not align to the Science of Reading, MultiLit’s programs and resources provide a comprehensive alternative that sets children up for long-term reading success. With a suite of programs, covering young children from before they start school through to upper grades, students and teachers benefit from a consistency that might otherwise be difficult to achieve.

As students move through their early school years – from the foundational lessons of PreLit, followed by the explicit reading and spelling instruction of InitiaLit – they become comfortable with the teaching routines, approach and common language. The programs complement each other so that children who need support experience a consistency between the whole-class program and intervention. MiniLit Sage seamlessly steps in to pick up children needing extra support in Year 1, MacqLit is a group intervention reading program for older students, and the Reading Tutor Program and Word Attack Skills Extension Program are available for older students in need of one-on-one instruction.

InitiaLit Readers and assessment tools such as the WARP, WARL and WARN further support the MultiLit suite of programs.

The keys to success

Informed by a body of quality reading and instructional research accumulated over 50 years by leading academics across the world, MultiLit programs bridge the research to practice gap. Using explicit instruction teaching methodology, teachers are provided with scripted lessons and comprehensive resources which save them valuable planning and preparation time as well give them peace of mind that they are providing quality instruction. Ongoing progress monitoring assessments within each program enable teachers to monitor their students regularly and fine-tune instruction as needed.

With training and support, teachers of MultiLit programs quickly become confident and equipped to teach students of all ages how to read.

What goes into making a MultiLit program so successful?

The length and intensity of the development process – which can take up to four years – is what makes MultiLit programs so valuable, and is why product launches are extremely satisfying, says Product Development Manager Alison McMurtie. “It is amazing to see MultiLit programs out there, making the life of a teacher a little easier. The kind of attention we give to every detail is the strength of what we do, and this leads to the high-quality product that eventually goes to schools.”

All of MultiLit’s programs and resources are the result of a lengthy process of research and development, starting with a robust rationale for the basis of the program which outlines its purpose and intended audience.

A team of product developers with practical and academic knowledge of the Science of Reading – including teachers with a background in mainstream and special education, linguistics or psychology – conceptualise, create and trial programs aligned with the available scientific research to fill a need for a particular curriculum area. Particular attention is always given to the practical use of programs in a school environment.

In collaboration with the MultiLit Research Unit, led by Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall, the team develops the program’s scope, sequence and architecture, writes the scripts, develops the additional resources, runs trials in school contexts and conducts research around efficacy.

The program is then refined and tweaked based on feedback, results and analysis by the research unit. Finally, the program is checked and edited multiple times, and then goes into layout and production.

“We never take the easy road – every word and activity is thoroughly examined and trialled, leading to a product that we know will get results.”

With every aspect of the MultiLit suite of complementary programs rigorously considered and tested, and backed by scientific research, teachers and parents can be assured students are supported at every step of their reading journey.

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