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To support MultiLit’s mission to ensure all children learn to read, our School Partnerships Team plays a vital role in helping schools implement our programs effectively.

The team works closely with schools from first enquiry, right through the implementation process. They provide advice on program suitability, comprehensive professional development and training, answer teacher questions and requests, and provide a host of resources to support educators.

We asked MultiLit’s Director of Professional Development and School Partnerships, Sharon Cheers, to walk us through how MultiLit helps schools achieve success through our programs. 

What is the role of the School Partnerships Team?

The School Partnerships Team conducts professional development workshops for educators in the use of MultiLit programs and provides advisory support to schools using our programs. 

We work with schools to support the effective implementation of MultiLit’s programs. We focus on ensuring that they are implemented with fidelity, so that students reap the intended benefits and the best outcomes are achieved.  

Our team loves hearing stories of success from the schools we work with. Hearing the anecdote of the child who now sees themselves as a successful reader, or how there has been a shift in students’ outcomes over time really inspires us. Hearing and sharing these stories of impact keeps MultiLit’s mission central to all we do.

How can the team help teachers and schools throughout the year?

The School Partnerships Team connects with schools in the early phases of implementation and is there to guide schools in the use of our programs. Each program has a wealth of support materials and a comprehensive teacher manual, so often we’re pointing educators in the right direction and providing reassurance. 

For example, we’ve received a lot of questions about the new Australian Curriculum and the NSW Curriculum Reform. Having the Science of Reading reflected within the curriculum is exciting, and the School Partnerships Team has published comprehensive curriculum mapping documents for educators to understand how InitiaLit links with the reforms.

What other support systems are available for teachers of MultiLit?

To support schools to implement our programs we always create resources that offer practical tips and helpful background information. All of this is held in the Members’ Area on our website, so taking the time to login and browse what is available to support your school context is time well spent.   

We know that creating learning environments where everyone thrives enhances student engagement and learning, not to mention teacher wellbeing. Teaching for positive behaviour change is embedded within all our resources, but we now offer a suite of self-paced Positive Teaching and Learning workshops to empower school leaders and teachers to facilitate positive behaviour change and enhance learning environments.

What should teachers do if they have questions or need help throughout the year?

Teachers can visit the Members’ Area and make use of all the support materials we have developed for them. We are also available for phone and email support, and within our Communities of Practice. 

The School Partnerships Team loves getting out to see our programs in practice in a range of contexts across the country. If you are thinking of requesting a school-based workshop we would love to be there in person. 

For further support, please contact the School Partnerships Team. 

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