Australian School Literacy Curriculums

When implementing a literacy intervention within your school, it is important to choose a program that is both firmly supported by scientific research and aligned with the objectives of the school curriculum.

MultiLit’s programs align with the objectives of the NSW State Curriculum and the new Federal School Curriuclum. To see how MultiLit’s programs reflect the curriuclum standards, please click on the links below.

The Australian Curriculum: Alignment of MultiLit programs to the English Scope and Sequence from Foundation to Year 6

How MultiLit programs influence learning within the 12 clusters of the NSW Literacy Continuum

Criteria to support a literacy intervention

In 2013, the Australian Council for Educational Research published a literature review of the literacy and numeracy interventions used the in the early years of schooling. The report recommended that education authorities and schools use rigorous criteria to support a literacy or numeracy intervention.

For an intervention to be supported, the report recommended that the program must:

  • align with the learning objectives and syllabus requirements of the curriculum
  • have a strong research base to support its efficacy and effectiveness
  • include a full costing of the resources required for implementation

The report also mentions that of all the interventions reviewed, MultiLit was one of only two programs that has a reasonably strong evidence base to support its efficacy.

To read the full report from ACER, click here.

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