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Providing students with decodable readers for home reading practice, as well as in the classroom, will help to supercharge their reading progress. Subscriptions are offered on a fixed price basis for the school year, with 2023 subscriptions commencing on 1 February 2023 (or later, when purchased during 2023). Your subscription will remain active until 31 January 2024.

A subscription to the MultiLit eLibrary provides access to the full collection of InitiaLit Readers online, including Series 1 and Series 2 of Levels 1-9 (for the Foundation year), Series 1 of InitiaLit Readers Levels 10-16 (for Year 1), and the second series of Levels 10-16 readers, The Wattle Series.

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Tier and Administrator details

Please select the tier below, and nominate a person at your school to be responsible for the administration of your eLibrary account, including maintaining user account details. For data security purposes, we recommend nominating a different email address from your MultiLit Member account.

The MultiLit eLibrary includes all titles from our four current series of the InitiaLit Readers. The browser-platform, which enables reading of books on desktop computers or mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets), has been designed specifically for use in home reading, but can also be used within the school to supplement print copies of InitiaLit Readers.

How it works

  1. Select a subscription tier and nominate a MultiLit eLibrary administrator for your school above. Note: teachers and students count towards your number of users.
  2. Your MultiLit eLibrary administration account will be created, and login details will be emailed to your administrator (within two business days).
  3. Your administrator will then be able to upload details of student and teacher users to the system, either individually or by using the CSV spreadsheet template for a bulk upload of users (providing name and email address for each).
  4. Account details will then be automatically emailed to users, which will allow them to log into the MultiLit eLibrary and start reading! Teachers will need to provide parents and students with direction as to which level is most appropriate for reading practice.

Tier 1 (1-60 users), Tier 2 (61-120 users), Tier 3 (121-180 users), Tier 4 (181-240 users), Tier 5 (241-300 users), Tier 6 (301-360 users), Tier 7 (361-420 users), Tier 8 (421-480 users), Tier 9 (481+ users; unlimited)

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Lost your password?

If you continue to have login issues please contact MultiLit staff for assistance by email on [email protected] or by toll-free phone number on 1300 559 919

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