Positive Teaching for Australian Primary Schools

What teachers think of Positive Teaching for Australian Primary Schools?

“With over 30 years of teaching, I was interested to read this book to see if there is anything new to make life in the classroom ‘easier’! I have seen the cycles of the trends in behaviour management and the ‘don’t give reward’ strategies as the children should be intrinsically motivated. This book was refreshing, restored and confirmed my beliefs. All people need clear guidelines, clear instructions, and most thrive on reward and recognition. Yes, ideally, we would love the students to be intrinsically motivated, but we need to scaffold this like we do any learning. It was easy-to-read, informative, and thought-provoking to ensure a positive way forward with easy-to-follow examples for early career teachers or those with more experience. This book gives clear directions and suggestions about how to create positive learning environments. I like that it gave examples from ‘real’ settings. We can all get into the trap of focussing on the negative behaviours in our classes. A well thought-out approach and good reminder of things to focus on and develop for our classrooms  .” 

Gaynor Furnell | Teacher | East Para Primary School | South Australia

In order to teach effectively, it is essential to have good classroom behaviour management skills so that students remain engaged throughout the lesson.

MultiLit has published a new book, Positive Teaching in Australian Primary Schools: Effective classroom behaviour management, written for educators in primary schools who are looking for research-based information to effectively manage student behaviour in their classrooms. Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall AM and Dr Robyn Wheldall have revised an earlier text, written with the late Dr Frank Merrett, based on research originally carried out at the Centre for Child Study at the University of Birmingham in the UK, and subsequent research undertaken by Professor Wheldall and Dr Wheldall at Macquarie University Special Education Centre in Sydney.

Chapters include: 

  • Identifying Troublesome Classroom Behaviour 
  • Focusing on Appropriate Classroom Behaviour 
  • Setting the Classroom Context 
  • Enhancing Praise and Reprimands 
  • The Charter for Positive Teaching

 A complimentary copy of the book is included with registration for the Positive Teaching PD Workshop (available via eLearning modules), or can be purchased separately via our order form and via Amazon Australia

“Challenging behaviour in the classroom is common, but less common are teachers who feel confident and equipped to tackle varying student needs and behaviours. Every teacher wants the time to teach and build important relationships with their students. Disruptive behaviours can steal this time and Positive Teaching for Australian Primary Schools is a resource that gives it back. This book is suitable for all teachers, needed for all students, and essential for inclusion in every tertiary teacher training program in the country. Every school needs positive teachers.” 

Dr Kelly-Ann Allen | Treasurer of the Australian College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists and editor of the Educational and Developmental Psychologist

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