Bessie the Bilby Needs a Friend


Written by Anna Notley, illustrated by Janet Tiitinen

A sweet story about loneliness and our need for friendship. Follow Bessie on her journey to find a friend like her.

Ideal for use with children in Years 1 and 2 (age 5-8). This book has been written to accompany the LanguageLift program, but can also be used independently. The explicit story and language elements will make it particularly helpful for those struggling with oral language.

Bessie the Bilby Needs a Friend provides an excellent introduction to narrative story structure, with all key story elements made explicit. The book has an Australian animal and habitate theme, and provides an opportunity to use adjectives and body parts to compare and contrast animals (e.g., sharp spines, strong beak, long ears). It also exposes children to repetitive use of negation (e.g., he was not like her at all), and explores the concept of ‘where’ (e.g., by a river, below the ground, up a tree). This charming book illustrates the Australian desert, the major habitat of bilbies, as well as other typical Australian landscapes. Children will love looking for the many different Australian animals featured in the pictures throughout. You can use this book to discuss:
  • What your child likes about having friends
  • The names and characteristics of the animals pictured
  • The types of places where different Australian animals live
Published by Putto Press, an imprint of MultiLit Pty Ltd.
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