Blue Ted


Created by Anna Notley, illustrated by Katelin Jaegers

A wordless picture book that tells of the loss of a beloved blue teddy bear and the adventures that he subsequently enjoys on his own.

This book is ideal for use with children in Years 1 and 2 (age 5-8). This book is part of the LanguageLift series of picture books, published by Putto Press, but can also be used independently.

You can tell the story of Blue Ted to students using your own words and/or ask them questions about what is happening on each page.


As a wordless picture book, Blue Ted allows children to construct a story themselves, providing an excellent consolidation of narrative story structure. Telling a cohesive story is a necessary precursor to writing a cohesive story. It has an adventurous, imaginative theme, as a toy character explores the world. You can use this book to discuss:
  • Feelings after losing a favourite toy
  • The importance of not giving up, even when life is tough
  • Finding positive ways to move forward after a setback
You’ll find information included about how to use this wordless picture book with your child to ignite their imagination and explore writing their own story.
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