Come Back, Alfie!


Written by Sue Murray, illustrated by Rozzy Hibbard

A story about the upheaval of moving somewhere new, and a celebration of being part of a wider community. Children will relate to Harry’s distress when his pet bird, Alfie, flies away and enjoy his ingenuity in bringing Alfie home.

Ideal for use with children in the first two years of school (age 4-7). The explicit story elements will make it particularly helpful for those struggling with oral language.

Come Back, Alfie! provides an excellent introduction to narrative story structure, with all story elements made explicit. A relatable pet theme and simple concepts allow a special focus on story structure. The book also features 'feeling' words (worried, overjoyed), while the repetitive refrain provides opportunities to engage in helping to tell the story. You can use this book to discuss:
  • How moving house can be difficult
  • What can be good about going somewhere new
  • Your neighbourhood, who you know and what you like about it
Published by Putto Press, an imprint of MultiLit Pty Ltd.
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