LanguageLift Kit


  1. Foundation to Year 2
  2. Small group program
  3. Oral language intervention

The LanguageLift Kit provides teachers with a comprehensive set of explicit lessons and accompanying resources to address oral language difficulties in students in early primary. Lessons focus on the three key learning areas necessary for comprehending written texts – vocabulary, grammar and story skills.

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The LanguageLift Kit provides a comprehensive set of scripted lessons, along with a range of accompanying resources to support students from Foundation to Year 2 with oral language difficulties. The intervention can be delivered in small groups of up to four students within a school setting. LanguageLift comprises 120 scripted lessons, divided into three Entry Points, with placement determined by a Placement Test. The Kit includes consumable resources to run one group (at any Entry Point). The Kit also comes with a pack of 15 storybooks, around which activities in the lessons are scripted, as well as other resources such as posters, cards and Bessie the bilby (a soft toy used to encourage interaction in the early lessons). Schools will need to purchase additional consumables to run extra groups. Each purchase of the LanguageLift Kit includes a copy of the Wheldall Sentence Comprehension Screener (WSCS) Kit.
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