InitiaLit–1 Kit


  1. Year 1
  2. Whole-class program

InitiaLit–1 provides teachers with daily whole-class lessons and all materials required to target the key skills required for continuing literacy development during the second year of schooling (Year 1), building on InitiaLit–Foundation.

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The InitiaLit–1 program provides teachers with daily whole-class lessons for children’s second year of schooling (Year 1) using a synthetic phonics approach. It targets the key skills required for successful literacy development. InitiaLit–1 builds logically on the InitiaLit–Foundation program, moving students seamlessly towards reading mastery using a familiar approach. By the end of Year 1, children will have been introduced to the bulk of the English phonic code and will have worked consistently on spelling choices. Vocabulary and comprehension exercises continue with a dedicated Storybook component. The Kit includes a Teacher’s Manual, 8 Handbooks with detailed lessons, a Storybook Lessons Manual with lessons to accompany 25 popular children’s literature titles, 6 Sounds and Words Book sets, made up of 2 books each (for children to practise their developing phonics and connected text reading skills in small groups), an Assessment Manual, and accompanying supporting materials (e.g., Flashcards, Concept Posters to reinforce the definition of important terminology). Upon purchase, schools will also be given access to hundreds of downloadables to aid delivery and implementation (e.g., consolidation worksheets, Home Reading Diaries). Please note that a classroom set of InitiaLit Readers (Levels 10-16), aligned to the Year 1 instructional sequence, will need to be purchased separately.
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