InitiaLit–1 Poster Pack


  1. Year 1
  2. Whole-class program

A pack containing all posters used in the InitiaLit–1 program. The pack includes 6 Spelling Posters (A2-size), an Our Sounds and Letters chart (A2-size) and the Helpful House of Words (A1-size) chart.

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The Spelling Posters display all spelling choices and rules taught during the InitiaLit–1 whole-class lessons. The Sound Chart displays the 26 letters of the alphabet, along with a character prompt to help children remember the sound each letter makes (e.g., ‘r’, Rosie Rabbit). The Helpful House of Words is used to support vocabulary development during the InitiaLit–1 Storybook lessons. These posters will serve as useful references for children, particularly during writing exercises.

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