InitiaLit–Foundation Sound Prompt Cards


  1. Foundation year
  2. Whole-class program

A set of 43 sturdy, glossy cards (113mm x 173mm) with a single letter or digraph on each card (along with picture prompts) for teachers to introduce new sound-letter correspondences throughout the year and to review previously taught letter-sound correspondences, when using the InitiaLit–Foundation program.
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A set of 43 sturdy, glossy cards (113mm x 173mm), with a letter or digraph on one side and the letter/digraph along with its picture prompt on the other side (e.g., m, Maggie Mouse). Used throughout the year to introduce each new sound and letter/digraph during whole-class InitiaLit–Foundation lessons and for daily reviews. These cards can be used if the PowerPoint slide accompanying a relevant lesson is unavailable, to focus on particular letters and sounds as a whole class, to vary lesson delivery, or for additional small group or individual practice as needed. The cards are organised into ten sets (corresponding to the first nine InitiaLit–Foundation phonic sets and a set targeting plural ‘s’) and come with labelled set dividers for easy storage in plastic tubs or baskets (not included). Note that the letters on the cards are printed in NSW Foundation font.
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