InitiaLit Readers Level 10, The Wattle Series Bundle


One copy of each book (7 titles) in Level 10 of The Wattle Series of decodable InitiaLit Readers, focusing on revising all sounds covered in Levels 1-9 (Foundation review).

One copy of each book in Level 10 of The Wattle Series of decodable InitiaLit Readers, designed for children in their second year of school, and for older students still developing their decoding skills. This level is a Foundation review level, revising all sounds taught during the previous year (and covered in the InitiaLit Readers Levels 1-9). The 7 titles included are: 10.1 Tom's Big Swim, 10.2 The Loose Tooth, 10.3 The Play, 10.4 Run and Jump, 10.5 Chicks in the Shed, 10.6 Still Small and 10.7 Ants and Bees (Shared). These Readers are carefully scaffolded for children to practise their developing reading skills, following the InitiaLit–1 phonic sequence, and should be purchased by schools using the InitiaLit–1 program and MiniLit Sage. Full sets of Readers (Levels 10-16), bundle sets for each level (10-16) or individual titles can also be purchased by parents wishing to support their child’s reading, or by any school wishing to provide decodable readers to support an evidence-based synthetic phonics approach to teaching reading. Each title includes instructions and pre- and post-reading activities to help teachers and parents use the books effectively. In addition, the last Reader in each Level is a Shared Reader, allowing an adult to provide extra support to consolidate the skills targeted at that level by reading together with a child.

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