The Spotty Sock Mystery


Written by Anna Notley, illustrated by Heidi Cooper Smith

A charming story about silly socks and the special one that goes missing. Children will love the clues hidden in the pictures and will delight in solving the mystery before Felix!

Ideal for use with children in the first two years of school (age 4-7). This book has been written to accompany the LanguageLift program, but can also be used independently. The explicit story elements will make it particularly helpful for those struggling with oral language

The Spotty Sock Mystery provides an excellent introduction to narrative story structure, with all key story elements are made explicit. The book has a relatable everyday family theme and a repetitive rhyming refrain provides opportunities to engage children in helping to tell the story. The text features an interesting 'feeling' word (puzzled), while the pictures provide the opportunity to work on theory of mind through discussing what different characters know at different points in the story. There are lots of funny socks to find and describe, and a rhyming refrain that will inspire children to tell the story with you. The detailed and colourful illustrations offer plenty of opportunities to discuss household items and different ways socks go missing. You can also use this book to discuss:
  • Helping around the house with family chores
  • What different families love
  • How everyday items can be used creatively
Published by Putto Press, an imprint of MultiLit Pty Ltd.

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