an explicit approach to teaching spelling

About Spell-It

Spell-It is a flexible program that assists teachers to plan and implement spelling instruction based on assessment of students’ current knowledge. Spell-It teaches the rules, conventions, structure and logic of the English language, to enable teachers to plan effective spelling lessons based on the needs of their students. Originally written by Joy Allcock from New Zealand, Spell-It has been adapted for use in Australian schools.

For Spell-It First-time Purchasers

To maintain integrity of delivery and ensure you get the most out of your program, registration for a Spell-It Professional Development (PD) Workshop is required with the first purchase of a Spell-It Kit.

To complete your First-time Purchase, please register for a Spell-It PD Workshop, and when prompted, add the Spell-It Kit to your cart. Once you have completed the checkout process for these items, we will activate your Spell-It Membership and send a confirmation by email within two business days. You will then be able to return to the shop to purchase additional consumables and replacement components. 

Please note: Spell-It is only available for purchase by schools.

For Existing Spell-It Members

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