Wheldall Assessment of Reading Passages

About WARP

The Wheldall Assessment of Reading Passages (or WARP) has been designed to identify low-progress readers, and to monitor their reading performance over time, using a quick, simple, reliable and valid test of oral reading fluency.

Designed to assess the reading for students in Year 2 to Year 5, and older low-progress readers in upper primary and early secondary years, the WARP is suitable for use by classroom teachers, learning support teachers and other school personnel involved in literacy instruction.

Students read for just one minute from specially written 200-word passages, which have been designed to be of similar difficulty level. The Initial Assessment should take no longer than five minutes (as it involves reading three passages of 1 minute each and averaging the three results), and the Progress Monitoring Assessment should take no longer than one minute per assessment.

Customers purchasing InitiaLit–2 and MacqLit (for the first time) receive a free copy of the WARP with their Kit.

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Please note: To get the most out of this program, we strongly recommend you also register for a Measuring Reading Progress Professional Development (PD) Workshop.

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