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About InitiaLit Readers

InitiaLit Readers are decodable readers for students just beginning to learn to read. Developed to support the InitiaLit program, these phonic readers can also be used alongside MiniLit or other synthetic phonics programs.

InitiaLit Readers Levels 1-9 are designed for children in the Foundation year of school, as well as students in Years 1 and 2 who require reading support. Levels 1-9 cover single letter-sound correspondence and digraphs sh, ch, th, wh, ee, oo and ay. There are two parallel schemes for Levels 1-9 available. 

InitiaLit Readers Levels 10-16 are for Year 1 students, and children in Years 2 and 3 who require reading support. Levels 10-16 cover ai, ea, oa, ow, _y, igh, ue, ew, split digraph, ow, ou, au, aw, oy, oi, ear, eer, dge, and tch. Different text types, such as information texts, poems and plays, are introduced in this series.

For each series, books are available in:

  • Full Sets of 60 individual decodable Reader titles per set
  • Classroom Set (6 copies of each of the 60 titles)
  • Individually

Readers: Bundles and Sets

Readers Level 1- 9, Series 1

Readers Level 1- 9, Series 2

Readers Level 10-16, Series 1

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