Effective instruction in reading and spelling


Edited by Kevin Wheldall, Robyn Wheldall and Jennifer Buckingham
Published by MRU Press

This textbook is an accessible, up-to-date guide to evidence-informed practices in teaching reading and spelling, grounded firmly in the Science of Reading and its application in classrooms. A practical reference book for any teacher of reading.

The ebook edition of this textbook is available for purchase from Vital Source.

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The book covers theories of reading, the scientific evidence base on how children learn to read, the Five Big Ideas of reading, reading-related skills, intervention and assessment. Chapters have been written by respected Australian and international experts, including Nicola Bell, Jennifer Buckingham, Kate Cain, Mark Carter, Carsten Elbro, Alison Madelaine, Roslyn Neilson, Anna Notley, Jane Oakhill, Kathy Rastle, Meree Reynolds, Tanya Serry, Pamela Snow, Kevin Wheldall and Robyn Wheldall. Each chapter also includes links to supporting multimedia resources.
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