InitiaLit–2 Home Reading Diaries (Pack of 5)


  1. Year 2
  2. Whole-class program
  3. Home Reading Diaries: Pack of 5 sets

A pack of 5 full-colour, A5 Home Reading Diary sets for up to 5 students. These diaries are used to record reading practice done at home and provide extra activites to review tricky words and spelling rules aligned with the InitiaLit–2 sequence being taught.

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A pack of 5 full-colour, A5 Home Reading Diary sets for up to 5 students. Home Reading Diaries allow children to take responsibility for their own reading practice, by recording books they are reading at home (or more advanced books that are being read to them). The diaries also include tricky word practice exercises and games for children to review spelling rules being taught in the classroom. The Home Reading Diaries are carefully aligned with the InitiaLit–2 sequence. Each set is made up of four diaries (a different one for each term to reflect the progression of the program). The four different Home Reading Diaries are included as a downloadable resource with the InitiaLit–2 program, however this pack of diary sets can be ordered as a sturdier and more convenient alternative to downloading and photocopying diaries. The diaries have an attractive heavy-duty glossy cover with internal pages printed on matte art paper.
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