SpellEx Part A Kit


  1. Year 3
  2. Tier 1 whole-class program
  3. Language-based spelling instruction

The SpellEx Part A Kit provides explicit instruction in spelling concepts, terminology, rules and conventions, supported by a range of additional resources and assessments.

Each Kit includes sufficient copies of Spelling Workbooks 1 and 2 for a class of 25 students. Please return to the SpellEx Part A Shop to purchase additional Spelling Workbooks.

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The SpellEx Part A Kit provides teachers with a comprehensive set of explicit and systematic spelling lessons for Year 3 students. The Kit includes eight Handbooks, outlining 105 lessons to be delivered over four terms, a Teacher Manual, 25 copies each of Spelling Workbook 1 and Spelling Workbook 2 (as well as a sample copy of each workbook for the teacher), and Concept Posters to be displayed in the classroom. Purchase of the Kit also provides access to the SpellEx Part A Members' Area, which contains lesson slides, Top-Up lessons, downloadable homework sheets and other worksheets, and a class record spreadsheet for progress monitoring. SpellEx Part A is only available for purchase by schools. Training in the program is required prior to implementation.
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