SpellEx Part A
spelling explained through explicit instruction

About SpellEx Part A

SpellEx Part A is a whole-class spelling program suitable for students from Year 3. It provides explicit instruction in spelling concepts, terminology, rules and conventions.

By following SpellEx’s carefully scripted lessons, supported by a range of additional resources, teachers can be confident they are covering all the skills and knowledge required to master English orthography.

Stella the Super Speller, who features across the program, takes students on an enlightening and enjoyable journey, discovering the inside information to help them become super spellers themselves!

For SpellEx First-time Purchasers

For a first purchase of SpellEx, registration for a SpellEx Professional Development (PD) Workshop is required, to ensure you get the most from your program and to maintain integrity of delivery. One Kit per classroom is required for implementation.

Please register for a SpellEx PD Workshop (one-day workshop face-to-face or via videoconference), and when prompted, add the SpellEx Part A Kit to your cart. If you would like to purchase more than one SpellEx Part A Kit, please increase the quantity in the cart before checking out.

When booking two or more participants into SpellEx PD Workshops, the second and subsequent participants receive a 40% discount (when placed in the same order).

Once you have completed the checkout process for these items, we will activate your SpellEx Part A Membership and send a confirmation within two business days. You will then be able to return to the shop to purchase additional consumables and replacement components.

For program Kit, consumable and PD Workshop pricing, please see below.

SpellEx Part A Consumables

The SpellEx Part A Kit has sufficient consumables for a class of 25 students. Each student in the class will require a copy of Spelling Workbook 1 and Spelling Workbook 2. If your class has more than 25 students, you will need to purchase additional workbooks below.

For Existing SpellEx Members

SpellEx Part A Kit
SpellEx PD Workshop
$583 - $644
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