The Song of the Billabong


Written by Sue Murray, illustrated by Carina Chambers

Atmospheric watercolours bring the Australian bush vividly to life in this uplifting story about finding your talent.

Ideal for use with children in Years 1 and 2 (age 5-8). Suitable and appealing for all children, This book has been written to accompany the LanguageLift program, but can also be used independently. The explicit story and language elements will make it particularly helpful for those struggling with oral language.

The Song of the Billabong provides excellent consolidation of narrative story structure, with a special focus on the event that makes the story 'take off', using the word 'suddenly'. It also provides the opportunity to explore less familiar Australian animals (e.g., brolga, barking gecko). The book features many interesting 'saying' verbs (e.g., giggled, scoffed, barked, announced, cheered), and a repetitive use of contracted negation (e.g., you can’t; she wasn’t; she wouldn’t). Less explicit text provides opportunities to work on inferencing skills. Everyone has something to offer. From this book, children will learn, along with Gilda the Gecko, that despite dreams of being a star, sometimes helping everyone to work together can be more rewarding. You can use this book to discuss:
  • What your child’s talents are
  • What makes a good leader and why groups need a leader
  • Why working together to create something is fun
Published by Putto Press, an imprint of MultiLit Pty Ltd.
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