Case Study: St Columba’s Primary School, Western Australia

St Columba’s Catholic Primary School has reported a dramatic improvement in students’ literacy achievement since partnering with MultiLit seven years ago. Principal Allen McMahon discusses the impact of MultiLit’s programs and consistent high-quality instruction on student achievement.

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Case Study: Upwey South Primary School, Victoria

Principal Damien Kitch discusses the remarkable impact of implementing InitiaLit and MiniLit, within a Response to Intervention framework, on both teachers and students. The school placed among the top five for literacy achievement in its region in 2022 NAPLAN results.

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Literacy Centres Testimonial:
Kate H. on holiday programs

Seeing the positive impact of MultiLit Literacy Centre programs on children’s confidence, skills and abilities is incredibly rewarding, but there’s nothing better than hearing about it from families themselves. This parent testimonial demonstrates the benefits of the holiday program option and provides insights into their family’s experience of MultiLit Literacy Centres. We thank Kate very much for being willing to share her thoughts and feedback publicly.

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Case Study: Toowoomba Anglican School, Qld

Based on extensive research into how children learn to read, MultiLit has been supporting educators to provide effective literacy instruction for more than 30 years. This case study demonstrates how MultiLit programs are having a significant impact: both in building teachers’ knowledge and capacity and lifting student learning outcomes.

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Meet our Team: Chloe Allen

Chloe Allen is MultiLit’s Project Director for Closing the Gap which aims to improve literacy levels in students, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

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Early childhood literacy

Establishing solid foundations for literacy starts in early childhood. MultiLit’s Anna Taylor discusses the importance of fostering oral language and early literacy skills.

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Why choose InitiaLit?

InitiaLit is an evidence-based, whole-class literacy program by a leading provider of effective literacy instruction in Australasia, MultiLit.

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