Your partner in literacy

As your partner in literacy, MultiLit is here to ensure you have everything you need to effectively deliver our proven, evidence-based programs and achieve great results in your schools.

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Meet our Team: John Warburton

John Warburton found a love of literacy education as a parent of a child encountering reading difficulties, and he hasn’t looked back since. Over 10 years with MultiLit, he’s worked as a tutor at our Macquarie Park Literacy Centre, trained hundreds of educators in MultiLit programs and supported schools to deliver best-practice literacy teaching.

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Get set for success!

Before the school year begins, Sales Manager Emily Garlan, tells us how MultiLit’s programs, resources and PD can ready you for success in 2023.

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Delivering the curriculum

In light of the introduction of the new Australian Curriuculum, and state-specific changes such as the NSW Curriculum Reform, we know that teachers want to know how InitiaLit and other MultiLit programs align with the new curricula.

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