Meet our Team: Nicola Bell

Dr Nicola Bell has professional experience in literacy-specialised speech pathology intervention. She has completed her PhD on literacy development in children with cochlear implants and published several papers in the area. In addition to her qualifications and research, Nicola is passionate about helping children learn to read and write.

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literacy program support

System-wide success

MultiLit provides extensive training and ongoing literacy program support for leadership teams implementing evidence-based practice across school systems.

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school-wide literacy

Step by step

Research-based, school-wide literacy programs offer support for children at every step of their reading journey. And are great for teachers too!

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Meet our Team: Carina McSweeney

MultiLit’s Trainer and School Partnerships Officer Carina McSweeney has taught in public schools for 20 years, including 10 in learning and support. Learn more about Carina here.

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Positive Teaching and Learning

Keep it Positive

Our Positive Teaching and Learning Initiative courses are designed to help educators create positive and beneficial learning environments. To provide you with an overview of Positive Teaching’s many benefits for both teachers and students, our behaviour specialists Jill Hellemans and Micaela Rafferty have shared their expert insights.

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The Science of Reading

The Science of Reading is the accumulated evidence from multi-disciplinary scientific research on how people learn to read and how to teach reading effectively.

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Classroom teacher with students

For the fun of phonics

Teaching phonics is crucial to effective early literacy education and sets children up with the foundations necessary to develop into successful readers.

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