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meeting initial needs in literacy

To be released in Term 3 2021, MiniLit Sage is the first major revision of the MiniLit program, which was launched 10 years ago.

MiniLit Sage represents the latest scientific research and evidence base on effective reading instruction and intervention. This incorporates relevant findings from the MiniLit: Learning Impact Fund Evaluation Report (Quach et al., 2019).

MiniLit Sage has also been revised to align with the InitiaLit scope and sequence for better integration between the two programs.

MultiLit will continue to support original MiniLit customers through training and consumable/replacement component sales, so that the many schools that have invested in this highly effective program can continue to use it in the coming years.

Professional Development

Training in MiniLit Sage will be required upon first purchase of the program. MultiLit will support the transition from the original MiniLit to MiniLit Sage for existing and new customers with the following training options:

  • A new two-day PD Workshop in MiniLit Sage (offered in-person and via videoconference) will be made available from August 2021. This can be attended by schools brand-new to MiniLit Sage, and original MiniLit schools that do not have an individual previously trained in MiniLit and able to do the bridging training. Training dates for Semester 2 will be available in Term 2.
  • Bridging training in MiniLit Sage for individuals who have previously completed the original MiniLit PD will be made available from August 2021. This training will be offered by self-paced eLearning modules.
  • Training in the original MiniLit program will continue through live PD workshops, and then via self-paced eLearning modules from August 2021 onwards. This option will allow customers who do not wish to upgrade to MiniLit Sage to continue to train new staff until 2023.

What has changed with MiniLit Sage?

The key differences between the original MiniLit and MiniLit Sage are listed below:

  • Program structure: MiniLit Sage has 100 lessons, designed to be delivered in a 45-minute session, 4-5 times per week (vs 80 lessons of 1 hour each, 4-5 times a week, for MiniLit). In the Evidence for Learning (EfL) evaluation, schools reported that they were unable to complete all three components of MiniLit because of lack of time, even though doing so led to better student outcomes. Having more, shorter lessons should allow schools to deliver all components of MiniLit Sage.
  • Lesson structure: Lessons have been restructured as below.
MiniLit MiniLit Sage
Sounds and Words Activities (30-40 mins, daily) Working with Sounds and Words (30 mins, daily)
Text Reading (7-10 mins, daily) Reading Sounds and Words/Putting It All Together/Fluency Practice (15 mins, Days 1 & 2)
Storybook Reading (7-10 mins, daily) Text Reading (15 mins, Days 3 & 4)
  • Scope and sequence: The instructional scope and sequence has been revised to align with the scope and sequence of InitiaLit for Foundation and Year 1. This will enable MiniLit Sage to operate more effectively as a Tier 2 intervention, aligned to the Tier 1 classroom instruction, ensuring that children completing the program will have mastered both the basic and extended code that is taught in InitiaLit.
  • Removal of Storybook component: Most poor readers require intervention in decoding, and time spent on oral language skills for these students reduces the time spent on text reading, which is a crucial component of reading development and has been prioritised in MiniLit Sage. For students in Foundation to Year 2 who require intervention in oral language, MultiLit is developing a separate program, LanguageLift, which will be released in 2022.
  • Irregular word reading: MiniLit Sage provides more practice reading and writing irregular ‘tricky’ words than MiniLit, as the EfL evaluation found that the results for irregular word reading were not as strong as for regular and nonword reading. As a result, the teaching method has been changed significantly, and also aligns with the approach used in InitiaLit.
  • Letter-sound correspondences and handwriting: Additional phonemic awareness activities have been included in the program, which also has a stronger focus on articulation of speech sounds and handwriting – two instructional approaches shown to facilitate automatic recognition and recall of letter-sound correspondences.
  • Text reading: MiniLit Sage recommends the InitiaLit Readers, which align with the phonic code being taught, providing additional support for the reading of connected text.
  • Fluency: MiniLit Sage features a greater focus on fluency in the core program – with more time spent on sound sprints, word relay, and text reading of previously read texts (one of the most effective methods of increasing fluency) using echo reading and choral reading.
  • Updated Student Workbook: additional activities have been provided for more opportunity for practice and generalisation of skills, particularly in relation to spelling

While MiniLit Sage does address some issues highlighted by the Evidence for Learning evaluation of MiniLit, the revision of the program was already in progress at the time the results were delivered, as part of our broader commitment to ensure programs are revised as more evidence about reading comes to light, and also following the release and widespread adoption of InitiaLit, which was the first program to use the MultiLit scope and sequence.


2021 pricing for MiniLit Sage Kits, Consumables and Professional Development is listed below. For existing MiniLit customers, a 20% discount is available on MiniLit Sage publication items (for one purchase only, valid until 30 June 2022) – a coupon code will be emailed to eligible customers. All prices include GST and shipping. MiniLit Sage is only available for purchase by schools.

MiniLit Sage products

To implement the Text Reading component of MiniLit Sage, it is highly recommended that you also purchase a classroom set of InitiaLit Readers Levels 1-9 (either series), and InitiaLit Readers Levels 10-16 (Series 2, The Wattle Series), for use with the program.

MiniLit Sage Professional Development

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